Social Media

How do we use Social Media to achieve our goals?

We collect information and host it on our web sites. Now we need to create a communications campaign that engages people daily with this information. Facebook, Linked In, Google+ and other forums offer possibilities, as do our blogs, conferences and other events. Yet, with limited dollars for promotion and advertising, what are strategies that might draw more people to the T/MC sites and ideas on a daily basis. This concept map shows many of the places where we share information regularly.

Here are some ideas

a) continue to write blogs and encourage others to do the same. See blog exchange articles from past

b) learning circles - we discuss this elsewhere. Just like Book Clubs and Bible Study groups gather people to talk about certain topics, we need to encourage this to. How?

c) Guest speakers/bloggers/forum leaders - If we can find a way to enlist celebrities to lead discussions for short periods of time, we can use Twitter, Facebook, etc. to shout that this discussion is taking place and to encourage others to join.

d) Embedding T/MC discussion in other places - If others such as Social Edge are doing the work of getting discussions started, we can join them, and we can use our social media to draw people to those discussions.

How do we make this happen? What do we need?

1) Project Manager/volunteers - we need a team of creative people thinking of ways to do this work

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