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The Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC can become a publishing house, sharing our own articles as well as those of others.

This blog article provides tips on how to self-publish blog articles that I've written for past 6 years. This can also show how to convert PDF essays into printed publications that we might sell from our web site.

Sara Caldwell wrote this draft of The Tutor/Mentor Business back in 1997 as part of an effort to find a publisher for a magazine article, book and/or TV show.

What's needed to do this?

a) Collect examples of other on-line publishing

1) This is a newsletter published on [
HOPE - Helping Others Provide Excellence]

2) This is a blog describing on-line publishing opportunities -How to profit from blog

3) This is a self publishing site called

b) Project Manager to recruit volunteers, interns, researchers to become writers, producers, sales force, etc.

c) Progress toward goal …

I started uploading T/MC essays to on 10/20/11 and by Nov. 5 I had recorded 485 reads. See

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