Research Projects

The Tutor/Mentor Institute is a "learning organization". While we point to research being done by professionals, we don't see a lot of market research intended to help us understand what tutor/mentor programs operate in Chicago, where they are, who they serve, what challenges they face, etc. This is "market research".

We have been doing some of this work but with very limited resources. Through the new structure we hope to generate investment and partnership from more ways, to do more of the learning that needs to be done to support the growth of tutor/mentor programs in more places.

This link is to a group on Ning where a discussion of one research project, led by Bart Phillips, is discussed.

Ideally Bart and others who work on market research, evaluation, social network analysis, etc. will use this wiki and the Ning forums as a workspace, or will point to their own workspace via links in this wiki.

map change in youth and volunteer networks as a result of participation in a tutor/mentor program

create youth apprentice/jobs program that provides trained staff for k-12 tutor/mentor programs

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