Partners In Other Cities
Sacramento_dropoutmap.jpg This map shows high schools with high drop out rates in Sacramento, CA. It comes from this web site.

We've been creating maps of poverty and poorly performing schools in Chicago since 1993 as part of a 4-part strategy aimed at helping volunteer-based, mentor-rich, non-school youth programs grow in high poverty neighborhoods. This Tutor/Mentor Connection web site was built by the technology department of IUPUI in Indianapolis, as part of an effort to help the T/MC strategy grow in that city.


As we look to the next five years we've created the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC to support the growth of the T/MC and our mapping project in Chicago. However, our goal is to build partnerships with non-profits, businesses and universities in other cities, that enable us to share our ideas and technology as part of organizations led by leaders in these cities. Such partnerships provide local ownership and funding to support local actions, but provide revenue and fees to the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC to support what we do in Chicago and the way we manage this web library and share it at no-cost to others around the world.

In the mid 2000s this document was created, with the goal of creating a formal Tutor/Mentor Connection consisting of organizations from throughout the country. Due to the constant battle to survive, due to the financial woes of 2000-2010, we were never able to implement this strategy. Yet it still is a framework for a national network of organizations who collectively share the goals and responsibilities of a Tutor/Mentor Connection, and apply ideas and resources in local efforts.

I've updated this in 2024 to serve as a draft "letter of commitment" that people interested in helping build a new Tutor/Mentor Connection and take ownership beyond my lifetime, might sign to show their commitment. If you are interested in editing this email me an I will send you a link to the document on my Google Drive.

All of the ideas in this wiki could be applied in any city in the world to help build a network of constantly improving, volunteer-based programs focused on helping poor kids move through school and into careers. If Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC can be embedded in these strategies as a partner, consultant, collaborator, we can stimulate local ownership of the T/MC strategy in many cities, thus ensuring its growth in future years.

At the same time we can develop multiple sources of talent and dollars to help support our own continuing efforts in Chicago and the constant innovations that result from looking at what others are doing in other parts of the country and the world.

If you can help develop this strategy please review the planning wiki and contact Dan Bassill via Linked in, Twitter, Facebook, Mastodon or Zoome.

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