List Of Web Sites And Purpose

List of Web Sites (and purpose) used by Tutor/Mentor Connection since 1993 and Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC since 2011

Status Nov 2017

  • Tutor/Mentor Program Locator SQL database is not working properly; link to data entry not working. Base data needs updating. Help needed to fix. No money.
  • Tutor/Mentor Connection OHATS also not working, for same reasons as Program Locator. Hosted on same platform. Help needed to fix. No money.
  • Nathan Bryer, from IUPUI, continues hosting Tutor/Mentor Connection site. Links Library layout is poor, with links at bottom of page.
  • Upgrades needed at most sites, but no money/staff or volunteers;
  • writer(s) needed to edit and update and market content
  • marketing volunteers needed to build/measure traffic to sites
  • Blog added at Wordpress, shared on Tumblr

We work from many different web sites because they serve different purposes and/or they were created by different volunteers at different times. All of our web sites were developed by volunteers. The eLearning and Technology coordinator, funded from Nov. 2005 to July 2010 by HSBC North America, has had a great impact on the quality of these sites, by how we've been able to expand the involvement of volunteers in web development and writing, and by how the eLT coordinator's own abilities have kept adding new content and interest to the sites.

Videos created by intern in 2015 to guide people through Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC web site and T/MC learning path
Visit this blog and view the two YouTube videos. These were created by an IIT intern in January February 2015 and serve as a tour through the (Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC) web site and through a concept map that is intended to lead people through articles that would help them understand the goals of the Tutor/Mentor Connection.

All of the web sites shown below are included in these videos.

Everything we do is intended to create better understanding of ways we can reach k-16 youth, inspire them to learn, support them with mentor-rich learning activities, and expand the network of adults who will act in ways that result in youth being in jobs and starting careers by their mid twenties. We're constantly exploring new ways to do this based on new applications we learn about. Below is an outline of the Tutor/Mentor Institute goals with links to various web sites. This is hosted on Debategraph, created by a partnership in the UK. It can be edited by anyone and perhaps will aid in building understanding of what we're doing as well as building resources to help us do it.

As you review our web sites, and think of your role as a leader, think of how you would use this information to lead others to involvement in this process, either supporting any tutor/mentor program in Chicago or another city, or by supporting the Tutor/Mentor Connection (and Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC.

All of these sites are linked to each other, and many have numerous sections, and many links to organizations beyond our own. For instance, on the T/MC site we link to more than 200 tutor/mentor programs in the Chicago region, and to more than 2,000 other organizations around the world.

Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC !!
This site is located at which is hosted on a Joomla platform. Web hosting is at, based in India. While the main Tutor/Mentor Connection site points to thousands of other organizations, enabling people to learn from many different experiences, the essays on the Tutor/Mentor Institute site show our own vision of a volunteer-based tutor/mentor program, and how volunteer involvement in such programs is a way to increase the number of adults beyond poverty who are working to help minority and low-income youth through school and into jobs and careers. Many people talk about the lack of funding, and the need to build the "public will" but few outline a strategy to increase the number of people who are visiting these web sites and learning this information, and who "care" because they have a personal relationship with one of more young people and families in poverty neighborhoods of Chicago or any other city.

In July 2011 the Tutor/Mentor Institute LLC was created as a for profit social enterprise, with the goal of raising revenue and building partnerships that can develop the different projects we've listed on this wiki. The existing web site will be the home page for the Institute.

TutorMentorConnection dot org !! operates on a Dot.Net.Nuke platform from a server maintained by Nathan Bryer, in Indiana. This site has been the main library of information for the Tutor/Mentor Connection. It was created by IUPUI in 2006 and hosted by IUPUI until April 2014. Moved to secure server in late 2014. The original version was created by Matt Mead, a Cabrini Connections volunteer, in 1998 and served us well until the new site replaced it. The primary value of this site is the web library. However, the layout presents the information in a hard to find/read format. The second value is that organizations all over the world point to this web site from their own site. I'm reluctant to move due to how links would be broken.

TutorMentorConference dot org !! is built on an HTML platform which I edit using Front Page. I use this to create other HTML documents that are embedded in other sites. This site is the site for the May and November Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference which was organized by the Tutor/Mentor Connection and held in Chicago every six months from May 1994 through May 2015. This site was created by volunteers working with Ariane Lee in 2006-7. The original version was hosted at and was in place since 2000. A volunteer from Canada worked on the database in spring 2011. The conference has not been held since 2015 due to lack of support and funding. View the goals for connecting stakeholders via on-line platforms.

Chicago Tutor/Mentor Program Locator !! This site hosts the database of Chicago area tutor/mentor programs, along with an interactive Google-based map that shows demographics of poverty and locations of poorly performing schools. This site was created by an intern from India via IIT, starting in 2003. It was updated in 2006 to enable programs to add and edit their own data (see ). The Google map interface was also added in late 2006. The interactive program locator was launched in March 2009.

This site has not been working properly since late 2013 when Google changed how sites connect to their maps. Then in mid 2015 when moving to a lower hosting cost at Brinkster, we found that the SQL database code did not connect seamlessly to the new hosting. Now cannot enter the update program info section, thus information has not been updated since 2013. Looking for help to fix this.

In addition, the basic census data still points to 2000 data, instead of 2010 and boundaries, such as legislative districts, do not reflect 2010 changes. Finally the business data for each group needs to be reviewed and updated. All of this requires talent and help that I do not have funds to hire.

Tutor/Mentor Program Map Gallery !!
This is a library of maps we have produced between 2008 and 2011, with links to blog articles that were created to share the ideas in the maps. Since 2010 we've not had anyone creating maps using ESRI GIS, thus have not added new maps to the gallery. This site attracts very little traffic, reflecting the reality that in 2017, too few people are using maps the way I've piloted.

Tutor/Mentor Institute Blog and MappingforJustice Blog!! and Blogs are tools that can be used to comment on the work we're doing, the way a newspaper columnist might write about a topic. They are also our primary source of advertising, intended to attract the attention of students, volunteers, donors, other tutor/mentor programs, public leaders, etc. We use them to share the concepts of the T/MC and to attract volunteers and donors. We are working to increase student and volunteer participation, using these as writing activities to build student communications and leadership skills.

List of blogs - Tutor/Mentor Institute blog - mapping blog - Ning Forum Blogs - interns from 2006 to present
Tutor/Mentor Exchange on Wordpress - when we created the site, which is the home site for Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC, we thought the term "exchange" would become popular. It never happened. This blog enables me to post articles that use the theme/name from that site.

Collection of key concept blogs on Tumblr - I'm using this site to aggregate a few of the past blogs from the Tutor/Mentor site, which now has more than 1000 posts.

Archive of blogs written by former interns, or written by staff at Cabrini Connections prior to 2011. These contain valuable ideas that can still be borrowed in other tutor/mentor programs, but are no longer being updated by either Cabrini Connections or the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC. Nicole White NUPIP-2007-2009 Chris Warren NUPIP - 2008-09 - Bradley Troast NUPIP 2009-10 - Karina Walker NUPIP 2010-2011 - Cabrini Connections blog (articles up to June 2011 written by combined CC, T/MC leadership)

Articles at
The PDF essays embedded in many sections of the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC site do not have any kind of analytics embedded so I don't know how often they are read. I began loading articles at in October 2011 and have recorded more than 115,000 reads through October 2017. Looking to create some versions of pdfs that can be offered for sale. Need writer/designer/marketer to help with this.

Articles at
I started putting PDFs on Slideshare in 2011 and these have recorded 3200 reads. Slideshare offers a different audience and different format for viewing.

Social Network Web Sites !!

T/MC Ning sites - visit and see work being done by volunteers and interns, which is shared with people from around the world. Visit the groups section, and other Ning sites where T/MC shares information and networks with others.

Facebook Fan page:
Facebook Tutor/Mentor Institute Group Page -
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Organizational History and Tracking System, Tutor/Mentor Connection (OHATS T/MC) !!
Visit to read about the T/MC OHATS system.

OHATS is a journey mapping/results mapping tool, used by organizations to document the work many people do every day to achieve the long-term goals of the organization. T/MC began developing an OHATS in 1999 and has been entering data in it since then. The aim is that partners in other programs, and other cities, are also using OHATS, showing how they are applying T/MC strategies to help volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs grow in multiple locations. While the original OHATS was built in 2000, we have not had the tech support, not evaluation support, to upgrade the technology or generate "sense making" reports as was the intent with the first launch of OHATS. The new version launched in 2008 provides the ability to sort the data by date, goal, and recorder (person who did the input). Now we need to find an evaluator who will help us make sense of this information.

OHATS is part of the Program Locator web site, and has the same SQL code problems as the mapping pages.

Concept Maps, showing strategy of Tutor/Mentor Connection and Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC
I created [This concept map page shows the range of sites where we host or share information. this page] to show all of the concept maps I've created since 2005.

People don't read long essays, thus we're using pictures, such as concept maps, to convey the ideas that would take long articles to convey meaning and build understanding. These maps work like blueprints, to show the relationship of the many things we do to each other, as part of a comprehensive, long-term strategy to get the resources needed to more effective mentor the kids at Cabrini Connections — and many other locations in Chicago and around the world — to jobs and careers.

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