Help Needed On These Projects

This image is a map showing " TALENT NEEDED" to help support the growth of mentor-rich youth organizations in all high poverty neighborhoods of Chicago.

The list below is divided into work that needs to be done (first part) and work completed with help of volunteers (second part)

While help is needed on short term revenue generation, as well as long term capital/funding, the projects below also require some attention so that I can keep the web site traffic coming.

1) Google interface with Program Locator and Interactive map not working since late 2013 due to change at Google. Need help fixing this

2) Update Tutor/Mentor Program locator Interactive Map content - need to update assets, schools, poverty demographics, etc.)

3) Build new GIS mapping/Fund Raising feature as described here.

4) Move the site from an separate hosting to the hosting space we have on Brinkster, which is where the Tutor/Mentor Program Locator is now hosted. The site is build on a Joomla platform. Brinkster can host this but I need to find someone who knows how to make the transfer. We can save $90 a month in server fees.

5) Marketing/creative - need to find way to attract donors who will make contribution to Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC even though we are not a 501-c-3. I've launched a discussion on this page. See "fund raising strategies on wiki" for more info.

6) Marketing/creative - need team of volunteers who will help create polls, blog articles, stories, etc. on a weekly basis that attract more people to the ideas I share on the various web sites. Such volunteers will update home page of web sites, Facebook, weekly with articles that attract visitors to the site and point them to more of the information deeper within the site.

7) Conference web site and planning - registration feature now working consistently; we need to rebuild features on the conference web site and we need volunteers/partners to help market the sites, grow participation, generate revenue and make this a more effective part of the overall Tutor/Mentor Connection strategy.

8) EDITING - need help editing all the web site content, to keep it updated, spelling corrected, etc.

COMPLETED since this page launched in September 2011

1) Update program locator database/site that programs use to add/edit their own information. Thanks to Vamshee, Matt Biver and a few others the Program Locator is now working properly.

2) Links Library on Tutor/Mentor Connection site was fixed in January 2012 by Nathan Bryer at IUPUI. I updated all links in the library (over 2000) in February. Continue to work to filter out spammers. See library at Library or the Chicago Program List.

3) Conference registration problems have been consistent since 2011. Vamshee (working from India) has been available to fix these most of the time.

4) Banks set of asset maps on Program Locator was updated in 2013 by intern from IIT

5) Tutor/Mentor Connection site was moved from hosting by IUPUI to new hosting. New site design launched in mid 2014. by Nathan Bryer