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As we have collected information about Chicago tutor/mentor programs since 1993 we have used printed and email newsletters to share information and to encourage programs to connect and network. We have also sent this to businesses, foundations, political leaders and others to motivate more strategic support of tutor/mentor programs in more places.

See copies of printed newsletters from pre 2001.
See archive of email newsletters since 2011.

Prior to 2001 printed newsletters were sent 3 times a year to a list of 12,000 people (with separate versions for Cabrini Connections supporters and Tutor/Mentor Connection readers) . Due to lack of funds since 2001 printed newsletters have been replaced by monthly email newsletters. While these are sent to as many as 3,000 per month, open rate is less than 15% each month.

The newsletters can be found on the home pages of various web sites but our tracking system does not tell us how frequently they are being read. Finding volunteers who will do on-going analytics work is one of our goals.

TutorMentor Connection Monthly News - this is on the home page of T/MC web site
Tutor/Mentor Conference News - on conference web site

How newsletters are being mailed
We're using to mail newsletters.

We need writers, graphic design people, and marketers to help with this.

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