Create Youth Apprentice Jobs Program That Provides Trained S

One of the biggest challenges of filling Chicago neighborhoods with high quality, constantly improving tutor/mentor programs is finding and retaining talented staff to build careers in these programs.

In this Tipping Points article I talk about the need for staff with a common set of skills and a habit of learning, networking and collaborating with peers in other programs.

In this Workforce Development/Jobs Strategy article I show that there is a need for 200 or more youth serving organizations, and there are a wide range of job categories, such as tech support, web marketing, communications, fund raising, evaluation, recruiting, training and coaching, etc. A city of Chicago jobs program could be to train and hire veterans and other unemployed to staff these programs. A strategy that teaches youth coming up through these programs the skills needed to take on leader roles would create a pipeline-to-careers for many inner city youth. Since such programs are needed in every urban area, the potential jobs and career path could be huge.

In 2013 a Chicago Workforce Funder Alliance issued an RFP calling for intermediaries. Read more about this. If Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC could bring together a team of program leaders, educators and trainers, as well as someone to write a business plan and funding plan, we might qualify for such grants and fill this void.