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On December 14, 2005, Nikhil Marathe, a volunteer at the Cabrini Connections program, launched this discussion:**

Hello and Welcome to the Business School Connection discussion of the Tutor/Mentor Connection forum! It is critical to get students, faculty and alumni of top business schools involved in learning, thinking and innovation needed to connect workplace volunteers with inner city kids, in programs that mentor those kids to jobs and careers over a period of many years. Cabrini Connections and the Tutor/Mentor Connection have been building such a connection for many years and this forum will serve to bring these players together.

I am currently a student at the Kellogg School of Management part time MBA program and have a full time Job as a Network Manager at AT&T Corporation (formerly SBC). I have been a tutor with Cabrini Connections before and even with my limited involvement, I have seen the impact a volunteer-based tutor/mentor program like Cabrini Connections has had on students. The experience has been a real eye opener and I believe that every underprivileged child deserves the guidance such a program can offer.

This is where we come in. Building a citywide, nationwide network of effective service-delivery organizations is a business problem we study in school. Our aim in this forum is to draw from the talent and entrepreneurial abilities of budding leaders from the best business schools and develop strategies to support the growth of such programs throughout every major city in the US and the world. The forum will serve to exchange ideas and encourage the development of university and alumni based leadership projects at major business schools in the world, all focused on one aim - help kids born today start 21st century jobs and careers by age 25. This can be a great learning experience for everyone involved as well as a great networking experience for individuals with common interests.

As we talk about what a tutor/mentor program is, and what talent and resources each tutor/mentor program needs, we will build an understanding that T/M programs need more than just tutors- they need experts in finance and technology, lawyers, marketing and media advisers for fundraising and business leaders to fund, train and recruit volunteers. They also need businesses to recruit students passing out of the programs. This forum will serve to encourage such participation as well.

I hope you'll join me, and that you will encourage representatives from other top business schools to get more people involved. We can all learn from each other and apply what we learn in our own communities around the world. Welcome again and hope you enjoy the experience!

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