Awards For Best Practice

During the 1990s "best practice" awards were given at the November and May conference. This photo shows Barak Obama giving one of the awards. This page shows photos of other award winners. The Lend A Hand Fund grant was also one of the awards presented.


Here is an example that we might try to emulate, with categories of awards being recognized. This is the StayClassy web site.

See how recognition of good ideas, or what some people are doing well, might motivate others to duplicate those ideas and try to do better. This is a concept I've tried to visualize for many years. Information showing what is being done in business, universities, hospitals and philanthropy could be collected by teams of student/volunteers at high schools and/or colleges and shared on web pages that aggregate this work and enable others to comment and vote to give recognition and visibility to each year's best ideas. Repeating this every year would stimulate constant improvement in the entire sector.

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