Access TV Support of Volunteer Recruitment

In 1995 the Tutor/Mentor Connection launched a Chicagoland August/September Volunteer Recruitment Campaign.

This was made possible because several organizations offered space to host recruitment fairs in different parts of the city and because Chicago Access TV agreed to create a bulletin board on Channel 42 where tutor/mentor program contact information could be listed. In later years a slide show was created for Channel 27. This continued in August and January through 2010.

This PDF shows slides from the Access TV program

This link is to a video created by the Tutor/Mentor Connection to support volunteer recruitment.

We may not be able to continue this until we re-organize the Tutor/Mentor Connection into a non-profit structure. However, this is an example of what partner organizations can do to support the collective efforts of the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC.

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